Mikulčice editions

The Institute of Archaeology of the Academy of Sciences has published several series of works concerning the Mikulčice excavations.

A series dedicated to the publication of contributions (monographs, studies and articles) dealing with the Mikulčice Slavic stronghold and its hinterland. It specialises in source publications concerning Mikulčice material and less theoretical studies. It has been published since 1995, and made up of 10 volumes so far.

A series dedicated to the publication of contributions from the International Mikulčice Colloquiums dealing with selected issues of research into Central European Early Middle Ages and other conferences. It has the form of a single-topic conference proceedings or collective monographs. Ten volumes have been published since 1994.

A series dedicated to the issue of river archaeology in Mikulčice. It mainly presents the publication of unique large-scale excavations of extinct river branches carried out from the 1960s to the 1980s. It is also meant to present the results of modern interdisciplinary research concerning river archaeology. It has been published since 2014. One volume… View Article

A series focusing on the introduction of the results of the archaeological excavations in Mikulčice to the general public. It has been published since 2000, and made up of 2 volumes so far. First volume, entitled “The Archaeology in Mikulčice”, has been published in two editions and four languages. Second volume “Stronghold Mikulčice-Valy and Great Moravia” has… View Article