Studien zum Burgwall von Mikulčice (SBM)

A series dedicated to the publication of contributions (monographs, studies and articles) dealing with the Mikulčice Slavic stronghold and its hinterland. It specialises in source publications concerning Mikulčice material and less theoretical studies. It has been published since 1995, and made up of 10 volumes so far.

Great Moravian Settlement in Mikulčice-Trapíkov and Economic Hinterland of the Power Centre. Rural Economy, Centres and Organisational and Functional Principles of Great Moravia

Mikulčice – Die Nekropole an der dreischiffgen Basilika

The Archaeobotany of Mikulčice
Food Supply to the Early Medieval Stronghold

Early Medieval Swords from Mikulčice

Das Suburbium des Burgwalls von Mikulčice