Mikulčice – guide (MP)

A series focusing on the introduction of the results of the archaeological excavations in Mikulčice to the general public. It has been published since 2000, and made up of 2 volumes so far. First volume, entitled “The Archaeology in Mikulčice”, has been published in two editions and four languages. Second volume “Stronghold Mikulčice-Valy and Great Moravia” has been published 2016.

Zázemí hradiště Mikulčice-Valy v 9. století

Rostliny a výživa / Plants and Nutrition of the Great Moravian Mikulčice

The Mikulčice-Valy Stronghold and Great Moravia

Hradiště Mikulčice-Valy a Velká Morava

Terénní výzkum v Mikulčicích

Terenno proučvane v Mikulčice

Die Ausgrabungen in Mikulčice

The Archaeology of Mikulčice