Calendar of Events

At the end of November, The Institute’s Centre for Slavonic and Medieval Archaeology organised a specialised workshop in Mikulčice. The program of the working meeting was focused on issues of social and economic relations in Great Moravia, based on the existing models of the economic background of the Great Moravian centres in Mikulčice and Pohansko. Three key topics were addressed: terminology, methodology and particular models. The principle of the Strategy AV21 projects is interinstitutional and interdisciplinary cooperation followed by synergy of knowledge.

The workshop was organised with the support of the project “The Hinterland of the Mikulčice-Valy Stronghold of the 9th century” (principal investigator: M. Hladík) within the Strategy AV21 of the research programme Europe and the State: between Barbarism and Civilization.

Organisers of the workshop: M. Hladík, L. Poláček.