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A small scale rescue excavation was carried out in the area of the outer bailey of Mikulčice’s stronghold due to the planned reconstruction of the nearby water treatment plant. There was the surprising finding of 11 roman bricks. Bricks were put together to form continuous path at level of the ground from 9th century. The range of different types of bricks was founded in very fragmented state: most of them have been conserved and reconstructed. Such a discovery of roman bricks at operational position is unique in the case of Mikulčice-Valy settlement. It is assumed that those bricks might have served to reinforce the road (footpath). From previous research of fragments of bricks excavated earlier in Mikulčice we know that these bricks belonged to XIV. Roman legion. Moreover, an imprint of a coat, dog’s paw and sandal of a legionary was found on the bricks.