Calendar of Events

We will be hosting Laila Cathleen Neuman, a singer from the land of the tulips who will present stories about plants, set to music by composers of English, German and Italian renaissance and baroque. The Archaeological Institute will also be presenting a new book – a monograph by Michaela Látková. The publication (The Archaeobotany of Mikulčice. Food Supply to the Early Medieval Stronghold) is dedicated to the subject of agriculture in the area of the Mikulčice settlement agglomeration in the 9th century.

There will be a programme for children and parents, called Garden Archaeology, plus a tour of the archaeobotanical laboratory, the herb garden and a workshop on the language of flowers.

Date and place: 10 June 2017, 5 pm at the Research Base in Mikulčice-Trapíkov. The Garden Archaeology programme starts at 3 pm.