Calendar of Events

Music and history of two cultures, and a bridge, which reconnects the Great Moravian centre into one unit again after many centuries.

Within the series of events connecting music and archaeology, we are pleased to invite you this time to a very special cross-border program in Mikulčice. The first part of the event, which will take place in front of the Church of St Margaret of Antioch at Kopčany (SK), is in hands of Eliška Tesařová who will interpret songs of Sephardic Jewish Community. After the first concert, we will go back to the Archaeological Base in Mikulčice (CZ) to listen to Wallachian multi-instrumentalist Marian Friedl and band RukyNaDudy. A part of the archaeological program will be the tour of the restorer works on the Church of St Margaret, as well as the presentation of the new volume of Mikulčice-Guide Series and lecture on the Great Moravian jewellery.

The concert was held with financial support