Calendar of Events

Music program

Come to listen the spiritual and secular music – moving songs with passionate dances – from Spain and Latin America. The ensemble La Compañia de Santiago will present more than one form of music and their mutual influencing.

La Compañia de Santiago’s performers:
Beatriz Lafont Murcia (Spain), soprano
Cristián Gutiérrez (Chile), guitar
Jan Čižmář (Czech Republic), guitar

Archaeological program

A new volume from SBM series (Studien zum Burgwall von Mikulčice) recently published by the Institute of archaeology of the CAS in Brno will be presented by the authors and editor of the book within the archaeological program of the event. The Volume XII, entitled Mikulčice – Die Nekropole an der Dreischiffigen Basilika (in English translation Mikulčice – The Necropolis of the Three-Nave Basilica), is a long-awaited catalogue of the burial ground by Mikulčice basilica – one of the richest and most important necropolises of Great Moravia.