Calendar of Events

Another part of the Music Archaeology series in Mikulčice introduced a real musical delicacy, the Arte dei Suonatori ensemble. By a careful selection of songs, the ensemble brought audience to one of the local music salons of the 19th-century Warsaw. These salons of wealthy citizens were a natural setting for chamber orchestra music.

The archaeological part of the program was dedicated to the newly built bridge over the Morava River, which again connected the Czech and Slovak sides of the Mikulčice-Kopčany agglomeration. The story of connecting the two parts of the Great Moravian site in the past twenty years was presented.

The cast of ARTE DEI SUONATORI Piano Quartet (Poland):
Katarzyna Drogosz – piano
Ewa Golińska – violin
Natalia Reichert – viola
Maciej Łukaszuk – cello

On the program:
Franciszek Lessel, Józef Elsner, Maria Szymanowska, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart