Calendar of Events

You are warmly invited to another evening programme that connects music and archaeology. This concert – inspired by spring, freedom, space and the atmosphere of tension, exploration and amazement – features Iva Bittová with her original musical programme. We will also take this opportunity to present a new book published by the Institute of Archaeology to the public. The book full of authentic pictures is approaching an unforgettable atmosphere of revolutionary archaeological discoveries in the area of Valy in Mikulčice made in the 1950s and especially in the 1960s. This event will also be the official opening of the 2018 archaeological season in Mikulčice.

Iva Bittová, vocals, violin

Presenting a new book
Lumír Poláček, Mikulčice – genius loci. Příběh objevování velkomoravských Mikulčic 1954–1992 (Mikulčice – genius loci. The story of the discovery of Great Moravian Mikulčice between 1954 and 1968).

Research base in Mikulčice
1st June, 7 p.m.

Free entry