Calendar of Events

As a part of the Music Archeology series we will this time go to Mikulčice-Valy stronghold. Accompanied by music and light of torches, we will walk from the Church no. 2 on the acropolis to the Church no. 6 in the extra mural settlement. We will walk the same way the church procession was very likely to walk in the 9th century. We will talk about the history and the importance of individual Great Moravian buildings.

The night walk will be accompanied with music by: Marc Hervieux, recorder flute
Music program: Jacob van Eyck, improvisation
The stops at the churches are accompanied with talks by: Lumír Poláček, archeologist

Location: Slavic settlement Mikulčice-Valy
Meeting at 9 PM in the parking lot at the Visitors Center of the Masaryk Museum of the Slavic fortified settlement in Mikulčice.

Free entry